Testing Grounds – Excursion



This week for our excursion we visited the “Testing Grounds” an area behind the arts centre. I was late so I wasn’t able to look at any background information on this place, however it turns out that the testing grounds are a free and open art space for any artist to use. By the time I had arrived a large amount of information had been distributed to the other students, but I did manage to catch some facts that we were told, such as the current artist that is inhabiting the area and the type of work he was doing. His pieces were highlighted by some signs pinned to some crates, I also realised later on that it wasn’t a single artist that had contributed, but rather a fair few.

The image above are from the excursion that day.

Project 1 Feedback

So for our next lesson, we all presented our first Project about our homes. This assignment consisted of a collection of images, sounds and 10 second videos. For my project I was focusing more on the rituals and shadows that me and my family have cast upon my house from the past 17 years we’ve been there.

The main part that Robbie enjoyed most was the making and unmaking of our beds, but a suggestion for the future would be to focus in on that one part. Such as having the camera at a single angle taking images of the bed being made/unmade.

In general, my projected needed to be a little more focused on a particular area rather then just having a more umbrella idea. Doing more macro shots since there was just too much going on within a singular image and instead zoom into one element.

One final thing would be to incorporate more readings into my reflection and to quote them as well.