Week 10 Symposium – THE CONE

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It’s the final day of Uni so I’m going to try and file as much work as I into the next couple of days.

During week 10’s symposium we discussed writing essays and critical analysis in relation to the plethora of essays that we needed to complete after uni ends.

Adrian, uses the example of a cone: in a normal essay we begin at the open end of the cone, we start on a broad idea and eventually move our way towards the point towards the end. We begin by discussing many different points, however each point gets denser and denser until we reach the one point at the end of the essay.

In our critical essays, we’re expected to start the other way. We begin with a dense idea and then gradually we expand out from that one point. Therefore the essay we’re writing can technically have no “ending” it will keep expanding if we want it to.

We also talked about the paranoia music industry and how it was before Steve Jobs came crashing in on his wrecking ball with his digital downloads and iPods. It was obvious that before online downloads became a thing, that it was expensive, heavy, and painfully time consuming to buy CDs and carry them around with you. Nowadays we can carry about 1000+ songs on our phones alone, so I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that we were willing to pay for online downloads.

Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.
– Steve Jobs

Peer Reviews (Weeks 8+9+10+11)

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Okay so I know I haven’t been consistently blogging lately and I am SUPER behind in terms of peer-reviews and since I write like 2 lines per blog post in regards to think I’m just going to smush them all together.

Week 8

Claudia mentions the “Oracle of the Bacon” as previously mentioned, where any actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon in a limit about of references.

Kenton tried to trick the system… but nada

Marcus focused on similar aspects to what I gathered from the Symposium in terms of net neutrality…etc

Week 9

Monique discusses not only the Barabasî reading but also another called “The Fabric of the Cosmos” and then continue to delve deeper in the power rule and the 80/20 rule

Simone‘s hilariously titled “20% of this post delivers 80% of the information” not only talks about the 80/20 rule but also asks: How does order emerge from disorder?

Stephanie wondered if a “network was just many webs?” in class and then furthered her understanding by determining that it was important to remember that the “concept of a web is that there is a centre”

Week 10

Coming back to Marcus, he basically just reiterates what occurred during the week 10 symposium… which I should probably get to as well…

Monique believes that there is an infinite amount of “creativity to be harnessed” in terms of databases, they will continue to grow and much like hypertext have no real end.

Stefan on the other hand is having a hard time with algorithms. Agreed.

Week 11

During week 11’s symposium the topic of conversation was also DataBases so Claudia listened for the first 20min but soon dozed off before Adrian mentioned “Design Thinking” and recaptured her attention. This basically means that we (as in Media Students) should start looking at ourselves as designers as we create material.

Cassie mentioned something about a “Fern-y Book”…

and finally Stephanie gives us a good low down on what is going on during the week 11 readings, which just makes my life easier.

Phew, glad that’s all out of the way.