Work Vs Play

What was once described as a “Wibbly wobbly timey wimey” mess, time neither proven to be linear nor encased inside a reality of it’s own. In the case of this week’s reading Judy Wajcman discusses technology’s ability to distort and alter our perception of time and the manner in which we allocate our priorities. Technology was perceived to be developed to better dictate our organisation of time, however the opposite might have occurred due to the accessibility of information. The blurring between work and play has become an pillar in society and thus we “lose rhythm of our lives”. The ramification of growing technology involves the culture that pressures you to over consume rather than relaxing for pleasure.

It’s rather strange if you look at our society from a differing perspective, we promote smart phones, new technological developments and more efficient means to everyday tasks. However further use of this technology then transfers us push ourselves to work harder, we save time to create time, forcing ourselves to pile our workload higher and higher. There’s a sense of disgust that comes from simply “stopping” instead of working/creating/consuming, I’m constantly flooded with uni work, intern work, regular work and if I was ever to ask for a holiday there would be a limit placed upon that parameter.

I do believe it’s unfair to dictate that failure is linked to relaxation or “laziness” yet someone who is busy is considered successful. There is the saying “busy idiot” which doesn’t fail to comply with this theory, and as such it’s important to prioritize goals with a healthy balance between work and play.

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