Entertainment and Media’s Global Report

Chris Lederer and Megan Brownlow’s report on Media’s expanding industry discusses the statistics of exponential growth and decay of Media’s current stronghold with the population. While it might seem that it has become an ailing ship, the report goes to depict that while published media has plateaued online/digital media is swelling – especially with countries that hold a younger populace. It seems that our group as a whole prefers to consume media through a plethora of different platforms as opposed to the babyboomers who prefer more traditional methods.

Local VS International (or US produced) media also became an interesting topic of choice, while the US currently stands at no.1 it is calculated that China may over take that position soon, globally. However it has come to a halt that trends thagt certain digital and published media are being produced in correlation to the demand of locals as opposed to international demand.

This report does not come as a surprise to me as 99% of content I consume is online, blogs, news, music, tv, film…etc the list goes on. While I have been skeptical about print media dying out, it’s no joke that the internet is exploding, with more people logging on each day. Content itself it sacrilege, e.g. Netflix – it’s ability to spread shows to individuals whenever without the inconvenience of television advertisements, and while I don’t mind free content I think that it’s important to give justice where justice is deserved.

Ultimately, content is an important factor to the growth of publishing mediums. The better the content the more it’s consumed, this could be print media or digital but the highlighting attribute is that digital media can be distributed internationally. Hence, digital media has the upperhand when it comes to distribution and ownership of content vastly increases your chances of bringing in more consumers.

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