Sound Ideas~~

So I almost (ALMOST) completely forgot about the sound element at Signal that I needed to complete. I’ve asked around to some people but many others were still brainstorming on what they wanted to present since the sound was considered to be separate from the footage/visual.

I didn’t have many ideas for my sound, I was thinking of doing some voices or maybe have some noises of people chatting but I felt that it would be too “busy” and would pretty much disappear being beside Flinders Station. So I was just tossing up some ideas when I thought of the “devils chord” also known as a tritone. The chord of F and B both together gives a strange sound and is kinda ugly to listen to, similarly to the chord C and B which is a 7th. I’m thinking that maybe it’ll be interesting to play these two intervals and have them spaced apart evenly over 30 seconds.

Because theres around 6 speakers, I’ll probably be able to have 3 playing each sound clip.

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