Week 8 Symposium – Pavlov’s Dog

I know this is like 5 weeks late. Yolo.

During week 8s symposium we talked about multiple issues including: digital media, how it has affected the print media industry, how it has affected technology, neutral technology, the internet… etc

In this blog post I’ll be looking at neutral technology and the idea behind Pavlov’s dog in relation to technology today.

So the idea is that technology is neutral in a sense that he can do anything, however that is not possible due to the fact that each form of technology no matter or complicated or simple has a specific use. Despite that fact that you can use a technology with a different manner then it’s original intention is simply can’t perform every task it’s designated.

E.g. Eammer – has to come out of a history, who wanted a hammer, wanted to know how to make a hammer? (even a hammer is not a simple technology, how do you make one?) A Hammer is only used for certain jobs, it can’t be used to saw wood or even write with, therefore it is not neutral.

So basically: it would have affordances, it is better suited to doing something’s than other things.

The second issue is about our phones, specifically our mobile phones, Adrian asked during the lecture: Why must we go pick up our mobiles as soon as they ring? Why is there a sense of urgency? Whilst some phone calls might be important there are those we can leave and call back later but for us, whoever it may be we always attempt to pick up the phone when it rings.

Ironically, I was watching Orange is the New Black (awesome show) during that period of time and it reminded me of a scene. Where basically two of the characters were getting… intimate *ahem* However the phone rings and so they stop what they’re doing and one of the girls goes and picks up the phone and has this full on conversation! What even. Like who in the throes of passion just goes: ah shit man, need to go answer my phone might be someone important… like my mum… or my cat.

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