Week 8 Readings – Bacon and a Small World~~

Hello Interwebs,

Okay, I’ve been really bad lately and so today I am absolutely determined to get up to date with my blog posts! It is my time to shine!!! We’re doing readings today and for week 8, I had two readings: Six Degrees by Watts and Small Worlds by Barabasi!


Watts’ article seemed like a mixture between a dear diary and some science essay that went on for 26 pages to my displeasure.

Moving on…

Barabasi’s (that is a mouthful), seemed to follow a similar type of structure, but with more formal examples that are used to explain the point that was present.

Both articles discussed different types of linking between individuals and the strange logics of the universe. The idea that we are all oddly linked either loosely of through good friends is not a foreign concept for me. I grew up in a Chinese community where for reason whomever we spoke to that was from China originally somehow knew a friend of a friend of a friend’s, it was the most uncanny thing. One point I was at school where there was this other girl in my class who I didn’t really speak to, however one day as my dad was picking me up he saw another parent and it turned out they used to be best friends and guess who their child was… Yep, the girl in my class. Another time I found out that one of my neighbours (who ironically, not in relation to this story, went to the same kindergarden and highschool as me), worked at Donut King whose boss knew my mum… what? I don’t even.

Same thing goes for family back in china, I have nieces, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers of family friends, sisters of aunts of nieces of step mothers I’ve never met before but somehow they all know who I am. I have a big family for a single chid I guess 😛

And then theres the Kevin Bacon Game. A game in which you could literally connect ANY actor to Kevin Bacon… Literally any actor, and they would be scaled based upon how many links in between. Majority of people I typed in were only number 2’s… except Lucy Lu, who was a 3. Success! I should be a detective.

Someone else give it a go?? I would love to find someone who Kevin Bacon couldn’t be linked to (instead of someone called Chris Evans the First…I couldn’t find out which one was the actual Captain America)

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