REFLECTION 2 continued

I believe that the film shot in Broken Hill and entitled ‘End of the Line’ sets out to present the Broken Hill area as an area where nothing happens, an area of emptiness and loneliness. Through the careful selection of interview subjects (who are residents of Broken Hill itself) I believe that this is successfully achieved. It is primarily achieved via the interview footage shown with an elderly woman speaking of her own feelings of loneliness and her demise. It is also achieved via the footage of teens discussing the boring and routine lifestyle of Broken Hill. The choice of participants has been perfectly executed in order to reiterate the filmmaker’s perception of the Broken Hill area. Had the interviewee’s spoken with joy and praise for Broken Hill, then the documentary would have had a very different response from audiences.

The use of eerie music running throughout the documentary further reinforces those notions of loneliness and unease in the viewer. Given the content of the interview footage, it is safe to say that the film’s soundtrack is complimentary and well executed.

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