you’ll find me somewhere in Neverland

last saturday night i attended one of the best concerts i have ever been to. ever. and if you’ve enver heard all time low (shame on you!!!) a seriously recommend checking them out. (here’s one of my faves of theirs,).

now these guys know how to make a brilliant show. not only does the lead singer, alex gaskarth, have the most incredible live voice i’ve ever heard, but these guys are just funny. like laugh out loud, can’t believe they went there, these guys should have their own show, kind of funny. and it’s for that exact reason that they actually do have their own radio show on idobi radio so check that out if you’re up for a great laugh (and some good songs too).

back to the show. omg, it was just unbelievable. ok, so this won’t be a very articulate post, because i really can’t think of any better way of describing this show other than unbelievable. well, they had a brilliant set list. and anyone familiar with their songs would have been very happy. there was a great mix of both their old and their new stuff but it was also good to see more off their newest album, “don’t panic” (which is my favourite out of theirs).

in addition to the usual on stage banter between alex and jack (again, check out full frontal to hear what i’m talking about) and jack’s lovely collection of bras thrown at them on stage (which, over the course of the show, both alex and jack performed a song with a bra on their head), the boys took full advantage of their only over 18 show in australia (except for the other melbourne show) by initing 6 ridiculously lucky fans up on stage to do shots with them before allowing them to stage dive and crowd surfing during the playing of “Weightless”. you could just feel the envy running through the crowd. but these boys really do know how to put on a brilliant show. and it doesn’t hurt that they are all incredibly good looking too.

what a way to end august. not much else to add except that i really really wish i was going to their second show tonight. hope they come back to Australia soon (yes, i know they’re still here but i’m already ready for them to come back!)

if these sheets were the states



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