Books without endings?

In our tute last week (week 5) we were told to use the prompt ‘books without endings’ as an idea for a blog post.
I’m not going to lie, I am not quite sure what this really means…  But my interpretation of the concept a book without an end is when the author leaves us with an open-ended conclusion. In other words they leave the end of the novel open for interpretation and the reader can decide how they believe (or want) it to end.


An example of this is in the movie ‘inception’. The ending of inception is extremely debatable and open ended. Is Cobb still dreaming? When Cobbs spins his totem in the finale of the movie the filming cuts out just as the totem is about to drop so it is left to our own interpretation to decide whether it drops or whether it keeps spinning and he is still in a dream.


Many people argue that Cobb’s reality is in fact another level of a dream and that the entire movie is Cobb stuff in his own reality loop.
As everyone um and arhhhs about whether or not the totem drops, I’m going to make my ending for this movie. Being optimistic, I’ve come to the conclusion that it drops and he made it back to reality.

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