Essendon Saga



For the past few months the headlines have been dominated by speculation and debate regarding the Essendon drug saga. However, the AFL has finally come to a decision in terms of their charges and punishments.


At 8:15pm on the 27th of August, Andrew Demetrious and Mike Fitzpatrick address the media on channel 9.
Essendon has been banned from the 2013 final series (meaning they cant play in the finals). Furthermore they are banned from the first two rounds of the national draft and they have been fined $2 million.
In regards to James Hird, He has been suspended from the AFL for the next 12 months.


Essendon football club were involved in a situation which not only was cheating the system, but it also put their players in danger. They deserve all the penalties which are throw at them and hopefully these harsh punishments will deter clubs from involving themselves with similar misdealing’s in the future.

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