Going into the lecture I was unsure of what networked media would entail and coming out of the symposium I didn’t have much clearer of an idea, but it was a pretty interesting start amongst the bore of introductory lectures this week.

The reading for this week makes a good point about the range of literacies that media students ought to develop and I guess blogs are an important thing to get a working understanding of, especially as an introduction to copyright in regards to the world of the internet. Copyright is something that’s always been in the distance – I’ve never really thought of it in terms of how it affects me before so I think this will be an important lesson to learn.

Thinking back, I think I’ve had a number of blogs over the years. I used to write about cricket back when we used to love each other. But we’ve grown apart and no longer love each other any more. We went through a phase of passion fights, but now we’re past that phase and into the bit where I try desperately to hang onto what’s left when deep down I know it’s never going to work. So I don’t write about cricket anymore.

I think I started a few more, but I never found a topic to stick to writing about. I guess that’s what slightly scares me about starting this blog – finding things to write about in a public manner, both in the readings and in the outside entries.

So this blog thing – I think it’s a good idea but it’s also fairly daunting. I’ll guess we’ll see.