The Story Lab – Week 12

The final week of The Story Lab! This week I have been working hard on editing the photos of Connor for the online album:

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.21.17 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.21.24 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.21.56 pm

Connor Photoshopped Photos-4

Honestly, I can’t say this is my finest example, but seeing as I had basically no photoshop experience prior to making these photos, I think I did okay. After cutting Connor out from the original photo, I added him into the party photo, adjusting his exposure, brightness, colour temperature and blurriness (to match with the camera blur and aperture effects). I know he doesn’t blend seamlessly into the background, and I think audiences will definitely identify the irregularity and rather shitty photoshop job, but I think that it might work well for our story. Audiences may find some entertainment in attempting to find Connor in the photos, and hopefully this draws them in and peaks their interest. Even if all they really do is comment on the many ways in which they could photoshop 100 times better…

Connor Photoshopped Photos-3

We are starting to tidy up the bits and bobs that make up our transmedia story. The diary has come along nicely, and Tiana has done a great job and filling it with Connors deepest thoughts and annotating it accordingly. Tom has provided some excellent vlogs:

I am really impressed with how well Tom as interpreted and acted as Connor. He is very convincing and watching his vlogs is extremely chilling. The fact that he filmed them from his own bedroom also ads to the authenticity of the videos, and I think this may have allowed him to go deeper into the character (as opposed to a set where we would have all been watching him perform).

This week will be the final stages of Connor’s story – the party is happening on Tuesday the 2nd of June, and the Facebook photos will be going up on the Wednesday/Thursday for us to comment on. Finally, the newspaper article will be released and Connor’s story will be told!

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