Analysis/Reflection #1, Q5

Listen to the audio you recorded in Tute #1. Here. Write a paragraph or two about your recording from a technical and/or “poetic” perspective.  

What these sounds evoke for you. What associations they have. 
Do any of your recordings suggest images? What might they be?
Do any of your recordings suggest the possibility of other recordings?

The first sound Crystal and I recorded was the humming of the heater (? I’m actually not sure; it’s some machine) in building 9. We wanted to evoke a sense of eeriness, as though someone was alone in a long, desolate hallway – something out of a horror movie.

The second sound had us walking towards an automatic door and having it buzz open when we passed the sensor. I can imagine this sound in a hospital during a quiet night shift, where an elderly patient could be wandering the halls, walking through automatic doors. He could be pontificating about life and death, or missing his family, etc.

The final (semi-successful) sound was footsteps up and down a staircase. We recorded this in building 12, where students use the stairs often. I had Crystal walk up and down for me, but there were also others who were using the stairs at the same time. The various footsteps evoke a sense of busyness and urgency. I think this sound could be used in a documentary set in school, office buildings, or even a scene that portrays the monotony of life (i.e. everyone is busy and always rushing for time).

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