Analysis / Reflection 4 (Q7)

Please outline some points that you took away from the Lighting Lecture. Points that excite you, something that was completely new to you, perplexes you or even one you take issue with.

Most things were new to me. I’ve had a go at lighting when I took a course for Studio Photography, but I haven’t had the opportunity to light a film set. I always found lighting tricky and complicated and try to steer away from those responsibilities as much as possible, but it seems I don’t have much of a choice now that I’m doing Film-TV 1 and am part of the technical crew.

I’ve learned that three point lighting refers to the standard lighting set-up. It involves three lights: key light, fill light and back light, even though only one or two lights are used. This set-up basically lends dimension to the characters.

My group and I are doing a little comedy for our short. We have certain scenes depicting our main characters—two high school boys goofing around—in drag, doing drugs, etc. in a dark room, so we drew some lighting inspiration from film noir flicks. We’re going for some very stylised scenes with semi-hard lighting (if there’s such a term at all). This article would probably come in handy.


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