Hello folks!

It’s an exciting day! Today is day uno of my 100 Happy Days challenge. For the next 99 days, I will be posting a photo a day on what made me happy. Apparently, 71% who tried this challenge failed, so let’s hope I get to boast I’m part of that unflinching 29%! Register and join me if you’d like. Or track my progress on Instagram 🙂

Anyway, today, I posted a photo of some (fake) poppies I picked from the Shrine of Remembrance. Firstly, I’m sorry – I had no idea I was meant to lay them somewhere in/around the Shrine, so I took these babies home. Later, I found out that poppies symbolized remembrance, sacrifice and courage of the soldiers who fought in WWI. So I’m going to keep them, as a reminder to be brave and courageous like those very men and women who took heart in troubled times.

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