Reading 1.02 – Adrian Miles on the use of Blogs in Media Education

Having assisted in the launch of the very blogging platform that you are reading from now, Adrain Miles underpins blogging basics and why blogs are so great. Miles tells that what is unique about CMS (Content Management Systems) on the World Wide Web is that it allows for the author to publish information rather than a single or sequence of webpages. Additionally, Miles defines the ability for a blog to carry the various tones, styles and entries of the blogger amongst an assortment of hypertext as “Exemplars of an interlinked, networked, fluid and contemporary writing practice and communicative space”. Sounds pretty lush right?


Speaking of a blog’s uniqueness in comparison to a journal or diary, Miles observes that with blogs being an online medium, the blogger has an awareness of readers, or maybe just a reader. But all the same, the blogger is aware that what is put down (or uploaded) will or can be seen be others. This entails for the author to care more as apposed to a private journal. This may involve an array of mixed media in place to immerse the viewer in whatever it is the blogger is indulging in. Perhaps even this…



Anyway, where was I? Right. Miles highlights a ‘host’ (fitting yeah?) of aptitudes maintaining a blog can bring.


Let’s get engrossed in it!


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