Analysis/ reflection 3 – “Shoot to Edit”

I was unable to attend the week 3 lecture that focused on the ‘shoot to edit’ technique, however I have done some research as to some of the advantages the tactic can bring along with how to adapt the filming approach. describes the ‘shoot to edit’ technique to involve filming various shot sizes, panning, angles etc… as a means of having a selection of material when it comes to the editing process. Additionally, taking a range of shots can enhance a scene if not a lot was happening in it.


The article tells that shooting to edit involves thinking like an editor. The article also informs of the methodical practice of shooting to edit – stating that you are to focus on spatial elements. This would involve shooting all external scenes first, then internal, perhaps focusing on one side of the room and the angles and shots that could assist you in post production and then the additional side etc… Furthermore, the practice of shooting to edit allows for a larger creative selection when it comes to post production as well as more diverse shot variety in order to enhance the final product.


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