Workshop 2.2 – Our blogs

In today’s workshop (2.2) our class grouped up in threes to share a blog post that we have composed on the subject ‘Networked Media’. I spoke to the class about Jake Farfound’s blog titled ‘Double Loop Learning’.


I found Jake’s blog post to decipher the concept of ‘double loop learning’ and to relay his understanding in a concise manner. Jake imposed examples of the concept to assist in explaining its definition. I found that the simple writing style and tone allowed for the information to come across clearly along with Jake’s tone being present. Furthermore, Jake’s blog included a link to a past student’s blog on the same topic as well as a diagram that assisted in further explaining the concept.


I found the workshop to be constructive as it allowed for the class to see different styles along with approaches to our blogs. It also brought out good aspects of our blogs and what was worked in our posts.