Online Video through the Looking-Screen of VidCon – Week 2

It’s with practice that the filming exercises and setup routines we know become ingrained in memory, ideally for when we visit VidCon. VidCon is advertised as an online video conference, but only YouTube and its own creators are heavily promoted. Every year, we’re introduced to more online video applications and websites — Twitch, Vimeo, Netflix, TikTok, etc. Their rise in popularity should suggest the immense value audiences place on online video entertainment. Because these creators are establishing their place and content in the evolution of screen media, they offer us a unique perspective, and should also be featured at VidCon Australia.

For this assignment, I hoped to turn my mundane daily walk with my dog (and family) into something beautiful, to focus on the little things, such as flowers I usually only breeze past. My GorillaPod made it easier to stabilise shots. I had some technical issues with my Sony RX100 V, so I resorted to my Canon EOS M3 — which lacks 4K and slow-motion features. However, I manipulated natural lighting, shot variation, and musicality to bring this routine to life.

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