Online Video through the Looking-Screen of VidCon – Week 1

The Online Video studio has me super engaged, for two reasons. Conceptually, everything that’s been mentioned about online media is already subconsciously known to me. It’s like this huge wake-up call, because the screen ecology we are learning about is the one we are participating in, and building, at this moment. There’s no greater time to learn about the affordances of the online space as right now, what with evolving technology, low barriers to entry, and the ease with which we are able to place ourselves in this moment of what one day will be, screen history.

Cunningham and Craig (2019, p. 13) talk about the internet’s screen environment being a place where “social media communication and entertainment content,” inevitably meet. This fuels a sense of interactivity that rebels against the one-directional flow of message/content, from creator to audience. Now every video on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, is at its core a collaboration between producer (making media) and an active audience (indicating what they want to see).

The second reason is the technical element of this studio. For our first assignment, I was overwhelmed because it’s my first time using vlog in place of blog posts. Alas, I’m excited because it allows me extra opportunities to practice scripting, filming, and editing. I have experience with these activities, but I find that in all media-making (especially for the online environment), there’s hardly ever a point in which I feel like I have finished learning.

Cunningham, S & Craig, D 2019, Social Media Entertainment: The New Intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, NYU Press, USA.

Inspired by vlogbrothers’ (John Green) What to Love and How and star struck

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