Assignment 2 – Part A: Food on Film Portfolio

Test: Voice Over
The purpose of this test was to determine whether we would use our own voice over in our documentary to establish certain information. While this is a useful strategy, we have chosen to instead provide all information explicitly through Jan’s interview, or through action.


Test: Vox Pops
We initially planned to use vox pops in our documentary before being given the feedback that this would not be necessary. However, these vox pops still carry use for us in determining an understanding our audience has of veganism, and the topics often associated with it.


Test: Observation
This is an observation of the city landscape, emphasising traffic, crowds, and architecture, and contrasting this with the natural landscape our interview is set in.


Test: Montage
Montage is a way we can establish setting and location stylishly and quickly. If we were to film inside a house, we could cut quick shots to music or ambient sounds in a way that paints a swift summary of the space and our subject’s relationship to it.


Test: Interview
We don’t have too much experience with setting up an interview in a way that captures the participant’s personality. We want to depict Jan’s passion in the official interview, but in this test we experimented with letting the personalities of these students shine through. I should note this was great practice to learn how to encourage a subject out of their comfort zone (initially interviewees were very subdued, and while this can be useful, this is does not suit the tone for our documentary).