Food On Film – Assignment 3 (Blog Post 7)

Link to scene breakdown.

It took us driving from 8am to arrive at our shoot location in Smiths Gully, at 11am. It’s not convenient for us to drive there multiple times, to look around, block, and plan, like I usually would before a shoot. While spending time in this area before filming would have helped us accurately plan, and picture what our footage would look like and what our audio in this space would sound like when filming, this is a place of business and a home – before its title as our film location, and this needs to be respected. Therefore, we could only plan based on images and in large part, imagination. It was difficult to follow our shot list developed from this scene breakdown, and much easier to go with the flow and direction that our subject (and other guests) felt comfortable with. We’ll see in our edit, whether this spontaneity worked to our advantage or not.


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