Thinking In Fragments – Assignment 1 (Reflection)

Our use of the #onedayofimprovement hashtag is a characteristic of online screen making that is only possible with the use of, and interaction with, the Internet. We learnt that hashtags are a useful way to categorise your content.

What I had not considered when I wrote about Skam (2015-2017) as an online screen production, was its promotion of hashtags. #alterlove (everything is love), #minuttforminutt (minute by minute) and #duerikkealene (you are not alone) are popular hashtags across a variety of social media applications, and hold a special meaning for those who became avid viewers of Skam. In this sense, I am starting to see that many popular hashtags have behind them a constructed sense of community. The idea is, that sharing content marked with this hashtag will allow for people with the same interests to find it easily. It becomes its own site for interaction and communication without the interference of other content that is not of interest.

Although I see hashtags promoted on Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules (2010) and Channel 10’s The Bachelor Australia (2013), the intention here is to direct people towards the internet, where they can interact with the community of shared interests – that is, MKR or The Bachelor even after an episode has finished. And therefore, if I were to create a web series, I too would choose to create a space for the fans of the series through the use of a unique hashtag. It allows for an audience to move beyond consumption of content, and towards becoming contributors. Judging from the traffic under these hashtags, my view is that this process creates a more immersive experience for viewers, as opposed to a passive experience. Greater engagement is encouraged, and only works to increase the popularity of the series. How to distinguish your work in a space where there are no regulations for what is able to be uploaded, is something that was spoken about in class this week. And perhaps there are multiple things that can be done in order to increase your chances, but clearly promoting a unique (emphasis on this) hashtag from within the show and giving audience members the chance to express an opinion is certainly a powerful way to do so.

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