Thinking In Fragments – Assignment 1 (Project Work)

My group has decided upon responding to the online screen making concept of a hashtag. Hashtags are used for categorising the immense wealth of information and content that goes online every day. We are familiar with the use of hashtags across a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Our primary focus is on the use of hashtags to support images on Instagram. In response to YouTube tutorials with titles such as “5 Photoshop Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever!” we posted the end results of following these tutorials, on Instagram.

Following a popular YouTuber’s Peter McKinnon’s Photoshop tutorial:

The advantage of using hashtags lies in Adrian Miles’ (2007) explanation of an RSS tag – whereby the option of creating an RSS feed to track content allows one to stay updated on the information that has been collected and shared. In the same way, our use of tags involves us ‘making [our] own catalogue of information’. Tags are a way to group and link things that are similar. By following our hashtag #onedayofimprovement, the public is free to track our entire collection of similar images – all displaying improvement and learning. It gives meaning to the images that we are sharing. Perhaps this is how we, as online screen media makers, must differentiate our content and information in such a content-saturated market, through the use of hashtags that encompass the nature of our work.

Miles, A 2007, ‘Network Literacy: The New Path to Knowledge’, Screen Education, pp. 201-208.

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