This Is Serial – Reflective Blog Post #24


The day I’d been dreading came, our shoot – outdoors, in 30 degree heat, for several hours.

However it was a great experience. We had a nice time with the actors, we managed to get all the shots covered in time, and left with no sunburns! The gardens had nice lighting that wasn’t too harsh either.

My role was in sound again. Irene wasn’t there to help me with it, but it was okay. I explained to my media group that it was actually much easier for me to handle the equipment by myself because if I heard any problem through the headphones, I could adjust the boom mic myself. The issues I had to overcome in this role were the sounds of airplanes, tram bells, and background voices from other park-goers that would overpower the actors’ dialogue. There was a background noise involving birds, water, and a breeze, that the director liked and wanted to keep. I’m grateful for this because I can’t think of anyway to correct this besides in post.

Another issue we had was the crew and actors having coughing fits due to all the pollen in the air. There was so much of it in the atmosphere, it looked like a cloud coming towards us. It meant we needed to take water breaks and ensure the actors were okay to continue. Lesson learnt: never shoot in the spring. Also, never shoot outside. Heck – don’t even go outside, ever.

After getting back and uploading the recordings to the media server, I joined Jen and Amber in the editing suites. We found, unfortunately, that all the footage from today was shot with a dirty camera lens. It produced a cloudy look that was very noticeable. It seems that the lens was covered with the pollen we encountered earlier. While Jen said that she would just work around it, it definitely serves as a reminder for me to ensure the camera is getting clean shots. However, I know that while an audience may be forgiving of bad visual quality, they tend not to be so forgiving of bad audio quality. From the playback I heard, I think I managed to get good quality audio – though background noise can be heard, the actors’ voices were the loudest and clearest thing being picked up. Hopefully I’m right and this can make up for the slightly foggy video quality.

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