This Is Serial – Reflective Blog Post #22


I woke up with a completely different mindset. Maybe it’s the clear immune system. Maybe it’s the knowledge my dog made a new friend. Maybe I’m just coming to my senses.

I’m so excited to take part in sound department for this project. I can finally say that I did sound for something, and that it’s gone to post production (I’ve done it before but not in this class).

Today we shot a scene in the ‘break room’. There was a loud hum coming from the vending machines, but it was the director’s stylistic decision to keep that. Gianella was like a superstar today because not only did she help me on sound, but she was also on camera. I actually had a good time because once I have my equipment set up and ready to go, I get to chill a bit. I also don’t have to look the actors in the eye – actually I was told I’m not really supposed to – and that reduced my stress so much that I think my spinal cord realigned itself into correct position.

But then it shifted again when I noticed the director, AD and producer being annoyed by some unwarranted advice. It was like we had a second director we didn’t even ask for. A second AD and a third cinematographer. But I realised that if I put my headphones on and listened to recordings from earlier I didn’t have to listen to all this going on. So this is now my new favourite role. If anyone wants to take it they’re going to have to battle me for it. Maybe the drama from last week was a blessing in disguise because I wouldn’t have switched to this role otherwise. The only issue I have is every time I call out ‘rolling’ I have to stop myself from singing that one song by Chamillionaire. But apparently I can say ‘sound speed’ instead.

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