This Is Serial – Reflective Blog Post #20


Believe me when I tell you that I did not choose this studio with the notion in mind that it would be filled with drama. I’ve been told there was a fight? I’ve been told people are upset? That wasn’t the intention of our decision at all, though I can completely understand how someone that we’ve relied on, but that still hasn’t delivered like we asked them to, would be upset about us moving in a different direction in order to save our grades. Wait NO I CAN’T.

Sorry, I’m finished.

The meeting at Jen’s place started out great because we (or I, at least) genuinely thought the later meeting with the writers would lead them to understand our position. But then I witnessed an argument in our own media group and I got nervous and I realised this entire thing was causing me to experience physical symptoms of my anxiety. At this point I’m extremely disappointed with the fact that, in the time the writers were sending us long messages about how upset they were, they could have used that energy to write a second or third script.

Sorry, now I’m finished.

We constructed a plan A and a plan B. Plan A – we get to work on a new project we care about. Something with substance. One of our ideas included a video exploring the very current same-sex marriage plebiscite, which to us as young people means a lot. Plan B – after Bridie and Amber meet with the writers (woops I mean *writer – I was told the others were too upset to look at us) we have to go back to Human Resources. Sorry, I mean *Ghastly Solutions. Actually, I’m ten weeks in and still not 100% certain what I should be calling it in front of the writers.

We went around and I stated that I really, really, want to have the chance to work on something that means something to me. We have equipment, crew, actors, and a beautiful city to shoot around, and a relevant topic would be fantastic. But then everyone else seemed like they didn’t care whether we would do plan A or plan B. It surprised me after Tuesday’s excitement. I was even labelled as ‘the one who doesn’t want to go back to Human Resources’. This worried me because what if I was blamed for any problems? This is the first class of the year in which I’ve experienced any stress and from a wider perspective, it’s all unnecessary. I’m not learning anything at the moment that I find useful. I didn’t choose my media course to learn what it’s like to compromise on what I want to do. I know I should be open to work on anything, but when we are technically able to change direction and produce something meaningful, and it’s just someone’s ego getting in the way, I think it’s right to do so.

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