This Is Serial – Reflective Blog Post #19


Last week we were in preproduction, going through the script and looking for locations. Yesterday was our designated day to shoot. With me directing again (I actually tried to get out of this job and swap, multiple times) and I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t content with the space, the casting choices and the script, and I was praying I could act as if I were passionate about this project. Unfortunately one of our actors didn’t come. Our shoot was cancelled and as a result today’s class started off seriously glum. We lost one of our actors, we wouldn’t have the whole crew available from now on, and we were still waiting on the second script.

This was about the point when someone suggested we change path and try producing a script not by the writers. In fact, if we were the ones who wrote it or at least had input in writing it, it might allow us to act in the project ourselves. Perhaps writing a script allows you to better perform it. I think this is true because it would allow you to be in a greater understanding of the character and the situation in the script. The only problem would be the execution of the emotions/expressions because none of us are studying nor working actors. There’s a reason we’ve chosen to study behind the scenes work. But the thing about this idea, is that I’d still be open to doing anything because we would be doing something. Rather than wasting valuable time waiting for everything to come together and relying on other people.

We’ve agreed to meet on Friday, and usually I’d be sad about coming into the city on a uni-free day but everyone’s energy is making me really excited about this. We’ve even started throwing around ideas that sound fresh and actually doable.

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