This Is Serial (Blog Post 2)

Ana Kokkinos taught two masterclasses particularly focussed on creative writing and storytelling. These classes were valuable because Ana immediately had us complete a collaboration task with the creative writing students. My partner Jen wrote an adaptation of Raymond Carver’s short story ‘Popular Mechanics’ and produced a screenplay. I read this script and crafted a moodboard with images that I felt visually represented aspects of the scene in Jen’s script.

A couple examples of pages in my moodboard collection:

A script is the foundation for a really good or really terrible scene. If it’s a great script as described by Ana, one with a continuous theme and something to say, with a certain structure, with good dialogue, and characters with plenty of substance, then it makes the job of visual storytelling easier. I drew lots of inspiration from Jen’s screenplay, because it was written how Ana describes a good script.

The next class we were separated from writing students. Here I learnt about the many roles that it takes to produce a film – eg director, first assistant director, cinematographer, production manager, camera operator, production design, lighting, sound, costume, producers – and what their jobs entail. The task set for us was useful because we got to play around with these roles in a secure, comfortable environment. Here is the scene our group filmed and that I managed to edit a version of:

This Is Serial (Blog Post 1)

What intrigues me about the ‘This Is Serial’ studio is that it allows us to work with Creative Screenwriting students to produce a web series. This is exactly what I was hoping to do in Media 2 – to work in an atmosphere that reflects the kind of experience I would have outside of university if I choose to work professionally in television or film production. I’ve watched several web series, and haven’t found one that I haven’t absolutely loved. This is also a factor that drew me in immediately. I initially thought this studio would entail writing a script, shooting it, editing it and calling it a day. However, after reading the studio guide I understand I have to enter this studio with an open mind, because it won’t just be centred around making something, but my understanding is that this studio will teach us about everything that goes into producing a film and crafting a web series. Now my goals are to simply produce any kind of work that I can claim as my own or containing my own artistic input, and to develop my technical competency with cameras, lighting, sound and post production work. I hope to have a great time collaborating with my classmates because it appears this is when the best work is produced. And while I am not from the creative writing department, I hope this doesn’t stop me from learning about storytelling. I think that any creative individual should know how or at least have the desire to express a story artistically. I would like to gain experience with taking a script and presenting the story in it visually on a screen. I have a particular interest in editing, directing, and camera operating, so any work involving this would be perfect for me. Continue reading This Is Serial (Blog Post 1)