Week _1Integrated Media Readings

Throughout the reading from week 1,  the evolution of  digital technology has allowed  the emergence of  different types of i-docs. There are four modes of i-doc that is established for the technology.

The conversational mode, the use of digital technology to simulate a world where user has the illusion of navigating freely has also been used in videos games. People take advantage of using the 3D technique to create an apparently seamless interaction with the user, lead the audience to the conversational mode. The audience communicate directly with the computer.

This statement reminds me of the concept of remediation. we utilised the technology to recede the existence medium so that user can communicate without any interruption.

The second mode is the hypertext mode. Different  types of video assets where  organised as a closed database of video clips that the user could browse via a video hyperlink interface. The new concept “click here and go there” employs the advantages of internet so user can access into database for everything they want.

For example, some Network television companies in United States, especially Netflix that successfully promotes drama series “House of Cards”. Netflix upload the entire series of ‘House of Cards’ on their database. Users is capable of watching this series on their platform anytime and anywhere. A number of artefacts highly rely on the hyperlink for their worldwide extension.

The participative mode, which is  the affordance of the media have made possible a two-way relationship between digital author and their users. In other words, in participative documentaries the user can be involved during production process. People become participant for editing online, shooting in the streets, or during the launch  and distribution process.

Somewhat, People derive their access into public sphere (the documentary sphere) from the evolution of new technology. People, who understand the theory of film can become a portion of the documentary team. They are eager for having a public debate online with professionals and never being end.

The last mode of i-doc is the experiential mode. Thanks to  mobile media and the  Global Positioning System, digital content can produce in physical space.  As the participant  moves through an interface that  is physical embodiment and situated knowledge are constantly new situated meanings.

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