Throughout the semester, my relationship with the idea of collaboration has been quite an interesting one. There have definitely been ups and downs throughout the semester. Any problems that i’ve ever had with working as a group, throughout my whole life and especially at uni, has been centered around the idea of creativity.

The group exercises that we undertook as a group were ones that I feel like I got lost in a bit. I find it hard to voice my own ideas and concerns within a group of like-minded individuals all working on the same project. I also kind of let my ideas slide in these sort of exercises as I prioritised them in relation to my own personal projects. The final research assignment is a good example, as these were the types of assignments where my own personal ideas were the driving force for the completion of these projects. Everyone that I worked with on this assignment were willing to help me strive for success and were great in working me into their busy schedules. As my project was performance based, I know that I had to outsource my friends from outside of uni to help me out, as I was familiar with their talents and how that would help with what I was achieving.

I think in hindsight, the only thing that I wish I did more was offer myself to help other people. I think as my stress levels rose to complete my own assignment, I kind of went into my own shell and reserved my energy for myself and my subjects, as opposed to my peers.

All in all, I think collaboration is a double edged sword. It works well in some cases, depending on who you’re working with, but at the same time it can also be detrimental to your own creative vision and workload.

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