#17 – 23/5/2016 – RESEARCH PROJECT


Here is the link to my second little clip that I made to support my idea of the long shot in relation to performance within cinema. Compared to my first little piece of film that I created for this project, I think this one really encompasses the notion of the long shot a lot more. The shot of Angie drumming away while Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ plays is all shot in one take which, I think, allows the audience to absorb the performance a lot more thoroughly than if it was all shot in different successions. This is one of the highlights of this portion of my project. The long shot is quite daunting to film as it needs to be inviting enough so that the audience feels compelled to watch it without losing interest.

I purposely didn’t really focus too much on the framing or general decoupage for this clip as I really wanted to save that for my final piece of filming, which i’m planning on getting done tomorrow! I’m really gonna think of framing and general placement of my subject to really encapsulate the crescendo of my project. It will be along the same vein as my first two videos but will really feel a lot more ‘complete’ and less of a draft. I’m going to go into uni and hire a camera to make it view a lot more professionally and to really put the technical skills that I learnt this semester to good use.

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