Week 5: Connection 5

On the subject of using found footage within television, I’ve been noticing how it’s used in different tv shows that I watch. I was watching MTV’s Catfish and I noticed how they use footage of messages to display and enhance the romantic depth of the situation. Alright by definition, that isn’t technically found footage and rather original footage but re-contextualised. If you’ve never heard of the show Catfish or you don’t know what it’s about, here is a simple explanation: Two filmmakers follow the relationships of couples who have developed a relationship online usually to find out the person they claim to be isn’t actually them.

I took note, however, of how they had structured the original footage next to the re-contrxtualised footage. Each text message or picture shown to the audience related to whatever had come before it. I think it’s important, especially in this way, to make the footage flow together and make sure everything is appropriate to the story.

It’s also very interesting to see what’s revealed to you as the show progresses. For example, at first only messages that detail something romantic appear at the beginning of the show, but as more of the ‘Catfish’ or the actions of the ‘Catfish is revealed. more dubious messages or extremely zoomed in pictures of them appear. I see this as enhancing the shock factor of the show and, simultaneously, proving to the audience that this actually happens.  I think this is a very clever component of the show as it’s relevant to the context of the show itself whilst also imposes shock on to it’s audience.

What I take from the editing of this show is the seamless use of footage to enhance the mood and effect the audience. In relation to the next Project Brief 3, it’ll be too easy to edit together found footage that is hardly relatable to the topic.

  • Max Joseph. (2012). CATFISH: THE TV SHOW TRAILER. 26 October. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMA4x7aXJT0.

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