WEEK SEVEN: Online Photography

Who is the practitioner (what is their name?) and when were they practicing?
Theo Wenner is a New York based fashion photographer who has worked with the likes of Chloe, Rolling Stones, Marc Jacobs, Vogue and many other notable high fashion labels/publications. Wenner is the son of co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stones Magazine, Jann Wenner. Theo began making a name for himself in his early 20’s and has since saw his career as a professional photographer skyrocket with being affiliated with high profile clients. I really like Theo Wenners work because of his overall aesthetic with every image he produces. It provides a very nostalgic vibe. 

What is the title of the video you have chosen to analyse?
There is no given title for this photograph, but this particular chosen shot was amongst a photo series of similar aesthetic of celebrity Kim Kardashian for Vogue Spain.

With the video you are examining when was it produced (date)?
The editorial photo series was produced in August 2015 for the August issue of Vogue Spain.

How was the video authored?
The photo series was deliberately shot and edited in a way that mimicked the simplistic style of legacy photography. This can be seen through the grainy texture, the lack of focus and simplicity of the set in each photograph. With the array of high definition editorial photos plastered across publications, Wenner wanted to stray away from the norm as he “mimic the lo-fi look of cheap film-based cameras such as Lomo or Polaroid” (Palmer, 2014).

How was the video published?
The photo series of Kim Kardashian was first published in the August 2015 issue for Vogue Spain accompanied by a feature about her. The editorial piece circulated around her career, family and status.

“Theo Wenner gave me no direction and wanted to capture me being me. I just landed back from Armenia, pregnant and jetlagged so literally was trying to nap while they were shooting” – Kim Kardashian on the the editorial shoot by Theo Wenner for Vogue Spain

How was the video distributed?
Since its’ initial distribution in Vogue publication, the photo series of Kim Kardashian quickly circulated throughout social media platforms as fans “very rarely catch a glimpse of the real Kim, even on her off-duty days” (Klein and Klein, 2018). Kim Kardashian herself re-distributed some of the photos from the shoot on her Instagram to show her fans. This provides a heavier engagement with the masses as those who don’t consume Vogue can now access the photos. It sparked a lot of positive feedback as Kim was not her usual ‘slammed up’ persona and showed a softer and more natural side of her. 

In addition to this, Theo Wenner frequently distributes his work to the public through his Instagram profile: CLICK HERE 


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