WEEK TEN: Video #2

How did you author the photo you recorded for upload to Instagram?
This video was taken in my hotel room during my birthday weekend (hence the over-luxurious white robe). The video was shot as POV using the boomerang feature affiliated with the Instagram app. It allows for any video filmed to be played on a constant loop. The sliding door was a lot heavier than expected which made it nearly impossible for me to get a shot that wasn’t shaky since I was trying really hard to slide it with one hand whilst steadying the camera. The affordances of modern day technology and endless storage allows me to reshoot as many times as I like in order to get a shot I’m happy with. This is a stark difference from when photography was just being introduced as present day sees an era where “people having their phones with cameras always with them and at the same time not having to worry about how many shots are left in their camera film cartridge” (Manovich, 2016).

How did you publish the photo you recorded for upload to Instagram?
Similar to all my previous posts, I slapped the ‘Moon’ filter on the video and that was basically all the editing I placed on this particular post. Due to it being a video, I was afforded the ability to choose a cover photo for the post and ensured that it was a shot that was not blurry and easy to decipher that it is in fact a video of a door. I muted the video to keep with the current theme of simplicity; that being a black and white blog with no sounds on any of the videos.

How did you distribute the photo you published on Instagram to other social media services?
Similar to the photo I took for this week, a way in which I expanded my visibility through distribution would be the incorporation of hashtags. I used both #door and #Melbourne in the hopes that more people will find my blog. Additionally, I shared the post on my Tumblr account and utilised the same hashtags to categorise my post.


Manovich, Lev. Instagram and the Contemporary Image. University of San Diego, 2016. http://manovich.net/index.php/projects/instagram-and-contemporary-image


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