How did you author the photo you recorded for upload to Instagram?
Shocker. Another video of my glamorous and over the top weekend for my birthday (I had to take my photos in bulk considering there were so many interesting doors throughout Crown). This was taken as a stock standard video through the Instagram app with a POV spin to it. There was really no bells and whistles with this post. I had to film it multiple times as I was too quick in moving the camera the first time around, as I was conscious of people in the hallway watching me walk in and out of the front door to film a video.

How did you publish the photo you recorded for upload to Instagram?
While editing, I noticed the ending of the video got blurry in the end so I decided to trim the video. A constraint I realised whilst doing so is that Instagram allows a minimum of 3 seconds per video, which means anything under that can’t be posted. This was tricky because once I cut out the part I didn’t like, the video was below 3 seconds. Once I noticed this particular constraint, it was too late for me to refill. The “affordances allow us to do particular things; to select, to view, to manipulate in specific ways” (Khoo, 2017) which is shown through my ability to easily think to cut out the end of the video but sometimes affordances are blocked by constraints to keep content and actions regulated; such as Instagram’s rule of having 3 second minimum videos.

How did you distribute the photo you published on Instagram to other social media services?
I shared the link to my friends on Messenger and Snapchat as it included footage of my friends.


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