How did you author the photo you recorded for upload to Instagram?
This is a photo of the bathroom doors of Crown’s Tower Suite (very VERY extra door I know, also incredibly impractical having a glass door for a bathroom where people are at their most vulnerable but ok Crown). There was a physical constraint I encountered when taking this image as the wardrobe door was too close to the bathroom door, which made it impossible for me to get a clear shot of the door without angling it weirdly (hence why the image isn’t positioned straight). Following the footsteps of last blog posts, I’ve naturally adopted a running theme of taking photos of doors with circular handles. This was shot using my IPhone 7 with the rear facing camera.

How did you publish the photo you recorded for upload to Instagram?
Big shocker, once again I’ve used the ‘Moon’ black and white filter and included the stock standard caption which includes a location stamp, the week, number of attempts to take the photo and a accompanying caption. During the editing process, I stumbled across a cool feature which affords me to alter the vertical perspective of an image which is EXACTLY what I needed to straighten out the photo. A physical constraint was corrected by the affordances of Instagram which in turn allows me to “recognise that we co-create with cultural software, exploring and negotiating their potential to enable and constrain specific practices” (Khoo, 2017).

How did you distribute the photo you published on Instagram to other social media services?
I shared the link of this particular post on Messenger groups because I felt like it was going to cause the least amount of embarrassments because I didn’t want to be known as the weird girl who’s constantly sharing photos of doors.



Khoo, Elaine, et al. Software Literacy: Education and Beyond. Springer Briefs in Education. Springer, 2017.


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