I’ll be honest, our first shoot day felt rushed. I was confident going into the interview, and the following recording of b-roll was fine, but everytime we are there I feel the need to do everything as fast as possible and then get out of the way. It’s a hard feeling to shake for me, maybe because we have such a short time frame with the course to complete everything or it could be the constant interruptions by customer interaction, but we were in and out quite fast that Friday morning.

Everything went according to plan in the beginning , we met up with Terri as she opened the store when it wouldn’t be busy, but the time-frame we had with her interview wasn’t as long as we had hoped. We knew to expect maybe a half an hour opening, but the interview with Terri wasn’t as substantial as we had hoped, at least it wasn’t enough content to fill a 6-8 minute documentary surrounding solely her and her relationship with the store she worked at. We also couldn’t get her to answer in full sentences naturally, she seemed to find it hard to answer a question in that staged kind of manner. It was my first time meeting her and I realised soon that she was the type of person that replied very quickly and rapidly, never properly completing her sentences smoothly and cleanly, but at this point it is a part of her personality and to edit it out would be very difficult. At this stage I personally haven’t gone through our rushes, so all I can report from the location shoot is that we did what we had planned to do and asked all the planned questions to the best of our ability. Hopefully next week when I get to see the rushes with the whole gang we can make a more solid start to completing this film.

In the meantime enjoy this photo I took of us diligently recording our first wide shot of the day. I had a blast showing some of the best ways to set up a shot and teaching them a few tips on how to handle the equipment. We all had turns playing around with angles and placement of the camera, I personally love playing with focus pulls and smooth pans.

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