Analysis & Reflection #1

Analysis & Reflection #1

Brian Hill’s ‘Drinking for England’

What interested me was the topic, it’s something that deals with human emotion and experience and is therefore more engaging because you are constantly relating other peoples stories to stories of your own. However, the documentary style with the interviews although is an obvious choice of presenting information to the viewer, it could have been more interesting finding other ways to present fact and experience other than this avenue. The music used was a little dated to, cheesy jazz chat — no thank you.

Glenn Gould’s radio documentary, “The Idea of North”.

Nice way of creating a personal visual reconstruction using description

Bit overwhelming when the audio starts layering the different people relaying a story of their own.

Is this a way to create an audio disorientation for listeners?

What is the point or underlying aim by doing this?


What these sounds evoke for you.  What associations they have. 

The music reminds me of many good nights I’ve had going out with friends, it evokes a happy nostalgia.

Waiting, always waiting. The traffic lights are always a constant battle with my impatient temperament.


Do any of your recordings suggest images?  What might they be?  

It suggests an image of a club or a festival of some sort, good weather, happy people enjoying times with their friends while they’re still young.


Do any of your recordings suggest the possibility of other recordings?

Half of them were pretty straight forward, obviously associated sounds that would be easily recognised. At least by any one young and from Melbourne.