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Self Assessments are always tricky, but setting myself up with this little guideline at the beginning of the subject was a huge help, while I wasn’t always active on my blog, I tried to make it to the lectures, even though I slacked off/was unwell as the semester went on.

I found it easiest to blog about other things unrelated to this subject, although Interactive documentary interests me, the readings were dry. I could not engage with them to save my life! Numbers and data and html just isn’t my cup of coffee (I say coffee instead of tea, because I am a coffee fiend).

It was fun to go on other peoples blogs to see how they were utilising it. Especially seeing an hilariously embarrassing video of myself on Regina Lee’s blog.

I did complete all the weekly constraints as Hannah my tutor would have seen in the sketch film, however I didn’t always upload them. Again my downfall was engaging with this blog.

I give myself a CREDIT (74%), as I did what was required of me as much as my soul would allow (I’m sorry I just can’t stand rambling lectures and bland readings)