Unlecture – E-Books

Unlecture – E-Books

My mum loves a good e-book. I tolerate them. Who’s the Gen Y again?

If I really want to read a book I will always go buy the hard copy, just the feel of holding a solid object of adventure in my hands makes me excited to read it. You’ll find all 7 Harry Potter hard copies in my book shelf, and I love the story each of those physical books hold; all starting to yellow with age and reading it in the sun, little food and drink stains from when I would refuse to put the book down even to eat or drink, all bent and creased from trying to hold it in the perfect position lying in bed late at night because I just had to read the next chapter — even if it was the 5th time reading that book. You lose books, you lose that personal connection.

If I get the e-book version, it usually means I don’t want people to know I’m reading it *cough* 50 Shades of Grey *cough*.

I see the convenience of having textbooks as e-books, god knows my back is ruined from lugging my school bag around with 5 heavy textbooks in high school (the back problems were a little bit self-inflicted because I was too cool to wear it on both shoulders for a good two years of my teenage education).

But the book will never die, neither will book stores so long as there is a book to be sold. E-books and hard copy books will probably continue to co-habit on individual preference.

Besides, books can’t die. I stare at my laptop, TV and phone screen enough, spare my poor diminishing eye-sight and stay around a little longer.