I am blogging…

I am blogging…

After reading Adrian Miles’ “Blogs in Media Education”  and discussing with my fellow tute-mates; this gave me a better understanding of this blogs purpose within the curriculum. This blog will help me develop my literacy in not only writing informally, but in publishing digital photos, audio and video. This blog not being for not only the strict purpose of assignment and assessment but because this blog is accessible by viewers outside the cohort of our academic institution.  This thereby preparing us for future knowledge in how to write for the public, how to create your own ‘online persona’ and just keep the ideas and conversation flowing.

Being a total ‘blog n00b’, in the sense I’ve never really written my thoughts, opinions or comments on such an open public forum before (besides the 140 characters on Twitter and the rare FaceBook status); I really am jumping off the deep end into medium way outside my comfort zone.

I was the kid in school who would never want to read their story or piece of work out in front of the class because I’ve always thought of writing as the realisation of thoughts on paper — basically having an entire class listening to what goes on inside my head sometimes.  So having my name on this blog from the get-go is a big step for me outside my comfort zone. This blog will become me, personified into the limitless abyss of the online world, kind of like standing in front of a room that goes on beyond what you can see, full of people who don’t really know you and vice versa.

However, I shall endure! I’ll try and try and try again until I get this blogging concept down pat (is this classified as double-loop learning?)

So yes, this is scary, I feel uncomfortable at times; not unlike that cat trying to walk in booties, although similarly, I’m slowly getting the hang of it, slowly finding my feet (voice), slowly finding who I am in this online world, amongst all its potential and intrigue.