How To: Embed a Vine onto your blog.

How To: Embed a Vine onto your blog.

 So it took me some trial, error and google searches to finally figure out how to get a Vine onto this site.

nb: I did this on my iPhone, not totally sure if it’s the same for android phones

Step 1:

If you can get the link from a twitter post

Go in to your Vine app, and click this button:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

By clicking embed previously, it will send the link to an email of your choice, open the email on your laptop/desktop, click the link

Step 5:

Click the 320px (I tried using the 600px but it wouldn’t show up on the post) Copy the highlighted code underneath

Step 6:

In a new post on your media factory blog, click the HTML

Step 7:

Paste the copied code and voila! You’ve just embedded a Vine into your blog


Here’s a Vine of these steps with the Twitter option (clicking the link from a tweeted Vine thereby skipping steps 1-4):