Unlecture #1

Unlecture #1

I’m not sure how to articulate my reaction to the first real “unlecture” of this subject so I thought I’d use popular gifs to express myself simply.

At first I was like:

Then I was like:

“Hang on…this makes sense…this is good”

By the end of the “unlecture”:

So basically, I thought the “unlecture” was helpful and informative. I was still so confused by the idea of my assignments being to blog about anything and everything, my lectures being very “unlecture-ry” and the direction I was to go in with this unconventional learning was totally up to me and my decisions, questions and ideas. I controlled the “mast” if we are going with this ‘boat in an ocean of ideas’ metaphor Adrian mentioned in the first reading.

I’m excited for the next “unlecture”, albeit, still a little nervous about the concept of an “unlecture”, but the excitements there nonetheless. I’m ready to dive in and open my horizons to new possibilities this subject holds for me.