Flinders Street Station – Revamp

Flinders Street Station – Revamp


So here’s what’s happening,

The Victorian Coalition Government have forked out over $1million dollars for an international design competition to come up with new and exciting ideas to ‘revamp’ the historical Flinders Street Station.

The exciting part? The public get to vote for the the short-listed design they like the most and our say will impact any future ideas for redevelopment!

I catch the train fairly often into the city, what with returning back to Uni and all, so to be honest whenever I arrive at this station all I can this is “God this place needs a make-over”. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the historical façade, but the inside and waterfront view of the place is not as aesthetically pleasing. So when I read about this competition in the Herald Sun, I enthusiastically hopped online to the voting website to check out the short-listed designs and voted for my favourite.

Even though Premier Denis Napthine is being the typical politician (avoiding all solid commitments when it comes to actually following through on something), it would be exciting to know that the people of Melbourne — even all of Australia, got a say in shaping the future of this much-loved Melbourne landmark.

So go vote HERE bleaders (Blog-readers? …I apologise it sounded much cooler in my head)