Being Canberran.

Having just moved from Canberra to Melbourne, I still am linked to all things Canberra in social media. ACT policing have been using social media to find people who have committed some form of crime. This works very well in Canberra as it’s such a small community so it doesn’t take long for someone to recognise the person in the CCTV footage. This week this post has come up on my news feed about 4 times.

ACT Policing Facebook Post


Here is a screen shot of their latest attempt where someone threw a punch in Civic outside a nightclub and they’ve shared a video and CCTV photographs of the man on social media waiting for someone to recognise them. As you can see, 438 people shared this one post of quite a few they put up.

I simply wanted to comment on this way of justice enforcement using social media and see if anyone else had any thoughts about the matter?

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