Week 6 Reading

This week’s reading by Douglas introduced a different concept about hyper text than last week’s reading which was also about the same subject. The part where he mentioned that a book “changes every time you read it” was quite interesting. This is true in the sense that the story itself doesn’t change but instead we change our interpretation of it. As we get older our perception of the world change therefore the meaning make out of these novels always changes.

The point about hyper texts being fluid and print texts are fixed was also quite interesting as books are limited to having one beginning, one middle and one end but not other mediums. The example given about the ‘choose your own adventure’ books such as the Titanic reminded me of a game I played a few years ago that has more than 20 different endings called Heavy Rain. It had one beginning but about half way through the game the player’s decisions in the game have a significant impact over the progression and conclusion of the story. In fact the main characters can fail the objective of the game and die at any point. What really was a surreal moment for me was when I seemingly failed this task and expected to have to restart but it never came as the story kept moving but into another direction because of my mistake. I had gotten a few friends to play the game and we all had a completely different story in the end.

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