Filming Aftermath

Filming Aftermath

So filming happened on Tuesday.

On a last minute decision I decided I wanted to shoot 4:3, but the camera didn’t have that setting so we used tape out the camera’s display as a guide. The reason I wanted to do this was because not only were my inspiration films shot at tighter aspect ratios, but also I’d never filmed anything like that before. For me it was a fantastic experience blocking and framing the shot because you are looking at everything through a different lens as opposed to bringing out the standard DSLR and shooting standard 16:9. The idea of thirds when framing morphed into quadrants, which I find is an interesting way to tell story. I watched this video weeks prior on an analysis of quadrants in a scene in Drive.

As it was potentially going to rain that day, I changed shooting to my house. We shot in the same space I shot the Awkward Party Guy short from earlier in the semester, but instead of just using the one wall as the space, I used the corner of the room, adding more dimensions to shooting. It almost felt like we had built this tiny set to shoot on, because all you can see in the shots is that corner space. It was a nice constraint to have, especially when it came to deciding on the shots.

Ok, so the main shots were planned, but the last 4 ending shots were all improvised on the day. We (me and Karl) experimented with some ideas on how to shoot those sequences, which were generally one shot each. I’ll talk more about each of those shots in my final blog post when I have the footage edited.

We almost covered the entire script. We missed out on two of the larger sequences, which is what I expected. At this point, I’m not sure whether I will shoot the rest. I am busy with a lot at the moment and it’s tough to get everyone back in the same room together for the couple of hours it will take to complete. I think when I start to edit it I’ll realise whether I have to complete it or not.

More to come…