Constellations UPDATE

Constellations UPDATE

I spent some time adapting the script of Constellations which I own into screenplay format. The dialogue is word for word, but I needed to create the descriptions of the scenes which the play doesn’t delve into.

I still need to look for actors, or rather one actor, to play Roland. I have my Marianne, so half of the casting is done. I feel like it will end up being luck if the two actors will play well together. Time will tell.

I have an idea of where to shoot. I’ll probably location scout this weekend.

I have a few ideas of ways to cover each scene. One involves having a still, flat frame of the two talking. Whether I choose that for one of the longer scenes or the ending shorts, I don’t know. I have other ideas, including standard two person coverage, the indie handheld style and maybe a Wes Anderson-y symmetrical style. The idea of this is to experiment, so I should only know how to shoot the day one scenes on day one, and figure out the day two scenes during the break between day one and two.

I’ll probably end up shooting 3 days, so I get time in between to assess my work and work on other ways I can cover the scene.